Residential Solar Solution

Solar Power plants today offer the affordability that is much better than any conventional power source. Having your own solar power plant on the roof-top provides you the independence and the reliability to generate and utilize your own power. In this way, you will also contribute to reducing the carbon footprint of the world which is clearly the need of the hour!.

Asterix Energy provides complete solutions from site assessment to commissioning of the solar power plant including the necessary approvals to be sought from the authorities. Along with the installation, Asterix Energy provides After Sales Maintenance Support for the lifetime of the solar plant along with a data monitoring system to keep track of the solar power generation daily, through an app based on the smartphone.

What Capacity of Solar can you Install on Your Roof-Top.?

There are multiple ways to calculate the right capacity of the solar power plant for your home. However, two main factors that are key:

  • Sanctioned load for your home from the utility.
  • Area available on the roof.

Typically, utilities allow a % of the sanctioned load to a maximum of 100%. For e.g.: Typically a 3-4 room house would have a sanctioned load of 3 kW. If the utility allows solar capacity equivalent to 100% of sanctioned load, then you can plan to 3kW solar power system.

The second important factor is the clear shadow-free area available on the rooftop. As a standard thumb-rule calculation, you can consider a requirement of 100 sq. ft. per 1 kW of solar panel installation. Hence a 3 kW system would need 300 sq. ft. of the area. The area should be shadow free, devoid of any obstructions for installation.

Estimated Savings from Solar Power Plant

Capacity in KW Roof Area required sq.ft. Estimated Monthly energy units in kWh Savings per month
2.00 200.00 258.00 1,806.00
3.00 300.00 387.00 2,709.00
5.00 500.00 645.00 4,515.00
10.00 1,000.00 1,290.00 9,030.00
*Evaluation is for a grid-tie system with Net-metering facility.
*Energy yield considered at conservative 4.3 units per kW per day.
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