Operation & Maintenance Solution

Asterix Energy now offers this expertise and service to solar power projects with specific maintenance schedules to suit the requirements of different segments. With the pay-back and financial benefits from a solar power plant being derived much after the installation, it is imperative that utmost importance should be given to regular monitoring, preventive maintenance and quick resolution of any faults at a site to reduce plant downtimes. Apart from issue resolution, continuous monitoring can also provide us opportunities to identify and improve the system performance to increase the yield which will in-turn help exceed the targeted energy generation levels.

From Residential to Commercial customers, Asterix Energy offers standard as well as customized plans for ensuring all-round preventive maintenance to effectively avoid any shutdowns; also ensuring maximum performance from your solar power system.

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Our O&M plans are designed for plant owners to maximize financial returns with reduced liability through a well-maintained system. Though the financial ROI occurs many years post commissioning, our comprehensive solar plans are aimed at reducing uncertainty and hence peace of mind for solar plant owners. Asterix Energy offer services to ensure that system up-time and energy production is optimized – thereby maximizing return on investment.

We offer customized technical services on-site as well as on-call basis to ensure continuous operation. The projects can range from 1 kW roof-top to MW scale free-field projects. There are multiple maintenance plans to suit your needs. Your choice will depend on the level of protection, operational support and maintenance you require. All service levels offer post-commissioning system check, review of punch-points, annual preventative and warranty specific maintenance, and remote system monitoring by our technicians. You receive daily updates on the plant performance and energy generated.

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