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Solar Energy has a unique distinction of generating energy at the point of consumption and very efficiently at that. This unique distinction provides us an opportunity to generate power required for our offices or industry ourselves, by installing solar panels on the empty rooftops or sheds.

The cost of generating solar energy being much lower than the tariff levied by the utilities, there is a fantastic opportunity to bring down the overall energy cost for the company. With prices of solar power plant having come down drastically, the return on investment on the power generating equipment is as early as 4-5 years.

Furthermore, with net-metering you can be rest assured that the solar energy generated during holidays and Sundays shall be exported to the grid, which will be eventually set off against the total monthly consumption.

The installations can be done of Sheet roofs and RCC roofs depending on the area available. The solar panels can be installed without affecting the underlying sheet roofing using non-penetrating clamps. Similarly, for RCC, the installation will be done without grouting or drilling directly on to the slab. Hence the installation of solar panels will not cause any adverse impact on your basic business infrastructure.

Estimated Savings from Solar Power Plant

Capacity in KW Roof Area required sq.ft. Estimated Monthly energy units in kWh Savings per month
50.00 5,000.00 6,450.00 45,150.00
100.00 10,000.00 12,900.00 90,300.00
200.00 20,000.00 25,800.00 180,600.00
500.00 30,000.00 64,500.00 451,500.00
1,000.00 1,00,000.00 129,000.00 903,000.00
*Evaluation is for a grid-tie system with Net-metering facility.
*Energy yield considered at conservative 4.3 units per kW per day.
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