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India’s power consumption towards street lighting ranges from 18-38% out of total energy. Lighting consumption constitutes about 30% of renewable energy as per a study by Ministry of Power in India. Currently, more than 27 million street lights are producing brightness in a night. Most of these are CFL, Incandescent, Metal Halides or Sodium Vapor lights. India is facing power and it leads to increase in the prices of conventional electricity and it affects various sources like towns, rural and urban sectors placing the demand of electricity for the street lights.


India has a total installed capacity of generating Non-Renewable Energy – 25681.46 MW and Renewable energy – 31692.14 MW. We offer this new technology that revolutionizes the Solar Power Companies in India to deliver the quality oriented equipment and it is designed to prolong for more decades and is making the Solar Power as never-ending resources.

This Solar Street Lighting System will work with the combination of 4 major parts such as,

1. Solar Power Panels – It plays an important role in the lighting with the help of monocrystalline and polycrystalline it is used to collect the sun rays.

2. Lighting Fixture – It is used to control the energy consumption and it will reflect in the EB bills. It does not need any excavation for wires or cables, as power does not depend on the grid.

3. Rechargeable battery – During daylight they receive a hue of free sunlight for more hours in the daytime and it stores the energy in the battery and at night, those powers are released to the lights.

4. Poles – It is necessary to build a strong foundation for all the components to be mounted on it and it is used to avoid wind resistance.

Solar Street Lighting System is easier to maintain. Due to simpler set up of a system and it takes a lower chance of failure. It does not need to change the bulbs often compared to main powered ones. We offer a highly competent technology reduces the overall electricity and emissions caused by green house effect.

The LED Street Light is programmable and customized it will work according to the dusk and dawn. LEDs produce brighter beam and by consuming less power compared to sodium vamp lamps and other conventional street lights. A Solar LED Street light has a balanced configuration for the high-level current flows that to enhance the system performance.

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