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Adjustable Legs for Sheet metal roofs – Used for East/West orientation or South elevation

Aluminium Module Mounting clamps of all sizes

RCC direct grouting without civil work



Module Mounting Solutions for RCC Roof:

Aluminium – Ballast type Structure with 2 Module Landscape arrangement


GI Structure with 80 micron Galvanizing

















Ballast type Counter weight structure – No civil work

ASTERIX ENERGY is one of the leading suppliers of Solar Module Mounting structures. We have supplied more that 20MW of roof top Aluminium structures and 10MW of G.I structures across India.
Some of the major clients include Bosch, Escorts, DPS, M-Ujala, Sunvest, Rotork and many other Solar companies across India.
We can supply both Aluminium & G.I structures for both Ground mount and roof top projects.
We are pioneers in design of custom made solutions for any type of roof and application.
If you can share your project details we can design and recommend the best solution for your structure requirement.

We can offer cost effective solutions starting from Rs 1.5/- per wp depending on the layout and application.
All our solutions are proven and can withstand the minimum wind requirements of that area. We will also design it for you.
We also specialize in elevated roof structures for residential projects where the space below the installation can be utilized effectively for other purposes.
We have different type of solutions for RCC roof top & Sheet metal roof. Some of the clamps and the solutions are shown below.