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Asterix Energy started its business operations in 2003 was promoted by an Engineer – MBA, with specific focus on Energy related products & services. Asterix Energy started offering Consultancy Services in the field of Solar Energy. During this period Asterix Energy has built its reputation by setting and exceeding high standards in the management of its people, processes and business partnerships.

With a diversified portfolio of services and a broad range of expertise, Asterix Energy works across the Solar Sector to provide services & consultancy.

Members of the core team with their expertise have experience in assisting companies around the world to achieve their goal and beyond. In order to maintain its focus, the team is dedicated to the following core values:

• Technical Excellence

Understand customer requirements, Manage Interfaces, thorough analysis of client requirements followed by detailed planning and execution to client’s satisfaction. Through strategic alliances Asterix Energy provides clients with the optimum route to success without compromise to safety, quality or the environment. An in-house Integrated Management System ensures the quality and reliability of our work. A culture of positive teamwork among our specialists’ results in smooth interfaces between client, partners and subcontractors to deliver successful turnkey solutions

• Efficient Service

With customer feedbacks and with our proactive strategies, Asterix Energy constantly streamlines its processes from time to time to improve its overall service.

• Long-term Partnerships

Establish a Special Purpose Vehicle with likeminded companies to have long term relationships / partnerships in providing excellent service in all related areas.



Our vision is to establish Asterix Energy as a World Leader in Project and Asset Management Services & Consultancy for the Energy Sector adopting Best Practices in the industry and with Innovative & Effective Solutions


We strive to grow & maintain a position of strength through quality services, leadership, expertise, innovation & assurance of timely project completion with state of the art technology & design

To make best use of our entrepreneurial and business sense, management, technical expertise and understanding of the regional context to create world class integrated service platforms through partnerships, transfer of technology and know-how.”